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Davanac ‘s roots date back to 1920 when the W.K. Davidson Co. was founded as a railway supplier. The Davanac name first appeared in 1969 with the merger of W.K. Davidson Company and Adanac Co. Unity Railway Supply Co. acquired Davanac in 1976.

In October 2000, Davanac Inc. purchased Abra-Mac Ltd., a Montreal distributor of abrasive products for special industrial applications.

In November 2002, Davanac acquired from Procor Limited, the ownership of the TOGGLE-LOCK™ outlet gate, the most popular discharge gate in Canada for covered hopper cars.

Davanac is an industry leading distributor of abrasives, AREMA track tools, work equipment wear parts, shop tools and related items. We are dedicated in meeting the needs of Engineering and Maintenance of Way departments as well as the Mechanical, Signal and Bridge departments across Canada.

Our commitment is to provide quality and approved products matched with reliable and knowledgeable sales and service. 


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