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Connecting Big Ships with Big Trains to/from Ontario and the U.S. Midwest

New Quebec intermodal container terminal opening in the Spring of 2024

CN, Hutchison Ports and the Port of Quebec are working together to pioneer new import/export supply chain routes between Asia, the Mediterranean and Europe and central Canada and the U.S. Midwest.

A brand new, state-of-the-art container terminal is set to become a cornerstone of this deep-water, year-round port. The new terminal will have capacity for 700K TEUs and will be exclusively served by CN. The opening is scheduled for Spring of 2024.

Via this new facility, customers will have direct access to CN’s mainline rail network that reaches a combined population of 125 million people in the U.S. Midwest and regions of Ontario. From Quebec, rail transit times and supply chain costs to central hubs like Chicago and Toronto will be advantageous compared with those from New York and New Jersey.

With this new addition to the North American transportation landscape, customers will benefit from a unique opportunity to prioritize cargo from ship origin to train destination. A new port-terminal and train combined operation - driving value and supply chain efficiency.

CN, Hutchison Ports and Port of Quebec

Working together to give our customers a trues supply chain advantage

· NEW State-of-the-art container terminal (700,000 TEU capacity) delivering greater productivity while reducing environmental impact

· Big-ship capabilities (up to 13.000 TEUs) equals lower slot cost

· Deep water port (16m) year-round, ice-free access

· CN mainline rail links direct to end markets

· Quick loading from vessel to rail and rail to vessel (port dwell of 24-48 hours)

· Dedicated priority trains to Chicago, Detroit and Toronto

· Big train capabilities (up to 14,000 ft. trains) equals lower inland cost per TEU

· Fast, reliable transit times equals asset and inventory related savings

· Easy access to two major highway systems

· Well-positioned for local and inland exports, creating match back opportunities

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