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Fastclip FC

A threadless fastening system, with low maintenance and pre-assembly of the fastening which remains captive on the sleeper.

Fastclip FC has been designed as a total system, in which all components are delivered to site pre-assembled on the sleeper. Once the sleepers are laid, and the rail installed, the clip is simply pushed onto the rail by means of a simple drive action. The system is designed for all categories of track, and specifically engineered to be capable of rapid installation by mechanised equipment.

The Fastclip FC product has substantial global references on both concrete and steel applications. The system is optimised when used with our range of Rosenqvist clipping machines.

Technical Features

  • All Fastclip FC components leave the sleeper factory fully pre-assembled on the sleeper

  • Correct tensioning is automatically achieved when the clip is driven into the working position

  • Cast-in shoulders hold the rail at the correct gauge and set the correct Fastclip deflection

  • The shoulders are cast into the sleeper during the manufacturing process

  • All components remain captive during the rail stressing procedure


  • Provides huge savings in manpower, as well as reduced distribution and handling costs during track laying, stressing and rail changing

  • In the rare event that a component requires replacement, the clip can be withdrawn easily, without the need to unscrew bolts

  • Simplified stressing - the clip is simply withdrawn back to the parked position to release the rail

  • Installing rail fastenings by mechanised equipment reduces the installed cost of the rail fastenings

  • Automatic tensioning provides excellent creep resistance

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