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FTS’ SpikeEase wins Award for Best Maintenance of Way Product

The battery-operated spike puller was named best MOW product by Progressive Railroading Magazine’s Readers Choice Award program.

Hackettstown, NJ, August 20, 2020 — Focused Technology Solutions —a Marmon/Berkshire Hathaway Company— is pleased to announce that their battery-operated spike puller, the SpikeEase, has won the Progressive Railroading Magazine Readers Choice Award in the Maintenance of Way category. 

The Readers Choice Awards program recognizes top products that best meet the industry's needs as selected by the magazine’s 150,000-plus rail industry leaders.

“We’re honored to receive the Readers Choice Award for the SpikeEase,” Peter Bartek, President of Focused Technology Solutions, said. “The tool is saving the industry millions of dollars and making the environment cleaner. We love that.”

The SpikeEase is the first patented tool to operate using a standard, off-the-shelf ½” impact driver. The tool eliminates the need for the claw bar or hydraulics to pull spikes. The tool is portable, weighs under 30 lbs and pulls 200+ spikes per charge. 

For more information on the SpikeEase click here.


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